5 Health Benefits of Donating Blood

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Dr. Vaishak Vidyadhar, Physician, The Bangalore Hospital, Bangalore, India speaks about some of the benefits of blood donation.

We have always read and heard about how donating blood can save lives and help others.

Here is how one can benefit self by being a blood donor.

One must look at it like a mini health examination that is done free of cost for you. By just giving 450 ml of blood you gain a lot in terms of you being tested for some infections, your blood platelets counts, haemoglobin count and above all you reduce the risk of some of the deadly diseases. It’s a win -win situation for both the donor and the receiver. Donate blood whenever you can,” encourages Dr. Vaishak Vidyadhar.

Some of the studies have found a direct link with blood donations and reduced risk of heart and cancer complications. The other benefits of blood donations are:

  • Free health screening: When you go for blood donations, you are tested for the pulse, blood pressure, body temperature, blood platelets and haemoglobin count. After donation, you are tested for HIV, Hepatitis B and C and malaria. This small benefit can prove to be quite beneficial in detecting any ignored medical condition that could have proved expensive in the long run.
  • Production of new red blood cells: Once you have donated blood, your body starts the production of new blood cells, which in turn helps in keeping you healthy.
  • Weight loss: You lose 650 calories with every blood donation. This is a weight loss with multiple benefits for you.
  • Healthy heart and liver: A Blood donation ensures that your blood gets rid of excess iron content which is a cause of many heart attacks. Excess iron is also stored in liver and pancreas and may become a reason for medical complications. So you reduce your risk of heart attack and keep your liver, and pancreas healthy, by donating your blood.
  • Reduced risk of cancer: Lower iron content also reduces the risk of developing cancer.

Hence, do you need any more reasons to donate blood? You will feel good to have been able to save a life. So what are you waiting for, donate blood today!!

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