Emergency contraceptive pills, how safe to use repeatedly?

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Dr. Beena Jeysingh, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Motherhood hospital, Bangalore India, warns about the dangers of taking emergency contraceptive pills very often.

As the name itself suggests, emergency contraceptive pills are meant for a situation when there is no other option available. These pills contain high levels of hormones that play with your menstrual cycle to reduce the chances of unwanted pregnancy.  It is not a substitute for your regular contraception. Emergency contraceptive pills are advised only when your regular method of contraception has failed. Emergency contraceptive pills are also given as precautionary measures to a rape victim to keep her safe from unwanted pregnancy and future complications.

The easy availability of the emergency contraceptive pills has been taken for granted by women across the world. It is a trend that spells worry for the medical practitioners. Sexually active women of all ages are finding it as an easy option to pop in a morning after pill after unprotected sex. They fail to understand the complications that their body is undergoing by consuming these high levels of hormones on a regular basis. Women who have been taking emergency contraceptive pills experience imbalanced menstruation cycle, which may lead to many problems related to fertility and other physiological disorders. The literature that is included in these emergency pills packages clearly mention the side effects of taking the pills. One should understand that if we constantly play with the biological mechanism of our body, it might wreak havoc when disturbed. It may not resume to normalcy.

Some of the studies conducted on women taking emergency contraceptive pills, list number of side effects experienced by them. Menstrual disturbances are the most common of all.  In the other study published, it has been concluded that women using emergency contraceptive pills should be discouraged and counselled to adopt other methods of contraception. The risk of pregnancy does not reduce for obese women even after relying on the emergency contraceptive.


By the time, most of the women realise that all is not well with their menstrual cycle it is already very late. And then it takes a lot of treatment to regularise your menstrual cycle, and sometimes the damage done is irreversible. Motherhood becomes elusive, and you can just become a number in the infertility list.

Gynaecologists have been insisting on regular and safe contraception methods to avoid any unwanted pregnancy. Contraceptives like condom and birth control pills are also easily available over the counter.

Practising safe sex is your own responsibility more than your partner’s. When you do not give importance to safe sex, you are putting yourself in danger to many sexually transmitted diseases including the deadly HIV.

Do not shy away in choosing a contraception that is safer and does not put your health in jeopardy.

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