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What causes premature ejaculation? Know more!

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Dr. Praveen Joshi, Uro-Andrologist, Joshi’s Andrology and Urology Centre, Bangalore, India speaks about premature ejaculation in this video.

When a man ejaculates very soon during sexual intercourse before his partner or he wishes, it is known as premature ejaculation. It is said that in every three men, one will experience premature ejaculation. Persistent premature ejaculation can lead to distress, frustration and avoidance of sexual activity.

Causes of premature ejaculation

These can include:

  • Anxiety and stress: Often men worry about their sexual performance. Emotional or mental stress in any aspect of one’s life can play a role in ejaculating early, reduce one’s ability to relax and focus during sexual intercourse.
  • Relationship issues: Interpersonal factors can contribute to it.
  • Erectile dysfunction: Anxiety over getting or maintaining an erection during sex can lead to hurried ejaculation patterns which can be difficult to change.
  • Biological factors: Hormonal imbalance, thyroid problems, nerve injuries, etc.

For diagnosis, your doctor can ask questions about your sexual activity and sexual interest, besides your medical history and conducting a physical exam.


The treatment options include:

  • Topical anaesthetics
  • Behavioural techniques
  • Oral medicine
  • Counselling

Usually, men are embarrassed to discuss intimate matters but it should not prevent one from discussing this with their doctor as it is a common and treatable problem.

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