Laparoscopic hysterectomy for large-sized uterus – is it possible?

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Dr Beena Jeysingh, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Motherhood hospital, Bangalore India, explains the laparoscopic hysterectomy as a better treatment option for large sized uterus caused by the uterine fibroids. She has addressed some frequently asked questions on it and why one should opt for a laparoscopic hysterectomy.

The Large sized uterus is a condition caused due to the growth of one or more fibroids (medically called as myomas) within the uterus. A uterus is considered abnormally large if its size is equivalent to that of a three months old pregnant uterus. These fibroid growths start disrupting the well-being of a woman and needs to be treated.  The best option to treat this condition is to remove the uterus. The removal of the uterus is termed as hysterectomy.  Women who have completed family may opt for hysterectomy as she cannot become pregnant after the procedure.

One of the options of hysterectomy is to remove the uterus surgically by opening up the abdomen. This procedure requires a large incision to be made in the abdomen, posing a possible risk of post-surgery complications and delayed recovery. A recent medical advancement has enabled surgeons to carry out the hysterectomy by removing the uterus through small cuts made in the abdomen.

“In comparison to the conventional method of surgery, where the abdomen is cut wide open to retrieve the uterus, laparoscopic hysterectomy needs few small cuts. Doctors around the world are now choosing laparoscopic hysterectomy to manage the large sized uterus also. A laparoscopic hysterectomy scores over the conventional surgery any day. Faster recovery, less blood loss, better cure rate, shorter hospital stay and less risk of post-surgical complications makes it the most sought after treatment for the large sized uterus.” says Dr Beena Jeysingh.

How is laparoscopic hysterectomy done?

Laparoscopic hysterectomy is considered as one of the safest and effective treatments for fibroids.

The doctors would make few small incisions over the abdomen. Through one of these cuts, a medical device called as morcellator is inserted, which is used to divide the uterus into small masses. The fragmentation of the uterus helps in taking it out through the other tiny openings easily.

Like any other surgical procedure, laparoscopic hysterectomy carries a risk of 0.1 -10% chances of complications. Therefore it is always advisable to get these surgeries done by a doctor who has experience with laparoscopic surgeries. You can very well reduce your chances of complications by adhering to the do’s and don’t of the surgery as advised by your doctor.

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