My Breastmilk is not sufficient for my baby!

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Dr.  Sayed Mujahid Husain, Pediatrician with Apollo Medical Center, Bangalore, India, educates the lactating women on the misconception relating to insufficient breast milk for their babies.

One of the most frequently asked question by lactating mothers is, “Why am I not producing enough breast milk?”, “I feel I am not able to satisfy my baby’s hunger”. Doctor Husain says that nature has blessed all women with the capability to produce sufficient milk to nurture their baby every few hours until the time he or she becomes a mischievous toddler.  Breast milk production is based on the “supply and demand cycle”. The more you feed, the better the milk production. It is even possible to feed more than one baby at a time, say for twins or multiples and also for kids with very less age difference. Not only this, choosing to breastfeed your child helps you lose pregnancy weight as well.

At any point of time if you feel you are not able to feed well, seek assistance from a lactation consultant. There are tips and tricks to help your baby latch well and feed well.

One of the common mistakes made by new mothers is the introduction of formula feed. This is sometimes done under family pressure or when the new mothers get overwhelmed with the thought of insufficient breast milk supply. Formula feed can be given only after your doctor recommends them. This is possible under certain circumstances wherein the mother or the baby is not well or when there are other issues which are affecting your breastfeeding. If by any chance you introduce formula feed to your baby before the age of six months, the breastfeeding is affected.

Initially, you and your baby will learn how to breastfeed. You should not be disheartened by the struggles. Over a period of time, breastfeeding becomes more natural, comfortable and routine. And believe us it offers a lot of conveniences also. Your breastfeeding should always be baby led, learn to read the sign of hunger. Cries are the last resort that babies employ when hungry.

A very good indication of whether your breast milk supply is sufficient is to count the number of times your baby passes urine and stools. Also if he baby is growing up, it means that the nutrition received is enough for his needs. Your paediatrician will identify if there are some growth-related issues.

It has been seen that most of the mothers stop breastfeeding earlier than 6 months. It needs to be understood that your breast milk is nature’s best food for your little ones. Breast milk is packed with all necessary nutrients and immunity boosters. By breastfeeding, you are ensuring that your child is getting a healthy start in his life.

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