My child is not performing. How Can I Help?

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Dr. Sayed Mujahid Husain, Paediatrician with Apollo Medical Centre, Bangalore, India explains one of the reasons behind the unsatisfactory performance of children in academics or sports. He talks about the steps that should be taken to help a child perform as per his or her capabilities.

Children are no longer immune to the cutthroat competition of today’s world. The race to be the one amongst the best brains starts from the school itself. Parents are obsessed with the desire to make their child “ the master of all trade”. This attitude is not healthy at all. Every individual has a limit till which he or she can be pushed. Unnecessary pressure and expectations can harm your child’s physical and emotional health.

It is important to understand that sometimes a well deserving child might not be able to achieve as per the effort invested. You must be taking great pains to ensure that your child is getting adequate nutrition and rest. But sometimes, underlying health issues such as deficiencies of iron, calcium, vitamin, vision problems, breathing problems, sleep troubles, etc. are enough to disrupt their learning graph.

“A child might seem to be healthy and capable enough to perform well, both in school or life. But somehow he or she is not able to reach up to the expected level. One of the reasons behind this could be an underlying health problem, posing as an obstacle.”

Do not blame his or her shortcomings on their preparation or lack of will. Get your child evaluated from time to time to spot any medical concerns.

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