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Dr. Kiran Joshy, Dermatologist and Cosmetic Surgeon, Joshy’s Medical Centre, Bangalore, India has cleared away some doubts about laser hair reduction in this video.

Women have always been conscious of unwanted hair. Waxing, plucking, tweezing and threading is some of the hair removal options available to them. Then came the revolutionary laser therapy for removing unwanted or excessive hair. It can be taken both by men and women.

Most of the men get their excessive hair removed from their back, torso or to shape up their beard. The women are more interested in the face, upper lips, chin, limbs and the bikini area. It can be done on any part of the body, except the eyelids.

Laser hair reduction treatment is normally recommended for beauty concerns, career perspective and medical reasons. While some of us might just get it done for the sake of our vanity, there are others who get benefitted, as their medical condition requires it. This is applicable to individuals, especially women who suffer from hormonal disturbances and have excessive hair growth as the frequent visits to parlour can become a nuisance to them.

So how does it work? Laser hair treatment works on the principle of burning the hair follicle with highly concentrated lights.

A common misunderstanding related to laser hair reduction is that people expect results in just one or two sessions. As a dermatologist, I suggest that let your doctor decide the number of sessions needed to get the best result. A lot of factors including the thickness and growth of the hair are responsible for determining that the patient gets the desired results. Another misconception is that it is not safe. Laser hair reduction treatment is completely safe, all that you might loose is your hairs, nothing else.”

However, it is recommended to get laser treatments done at a registered and renowned clinic. Your dermatologist should have both expertise and experience so that you can be assured of best results.

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