What causes insomnia? Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

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Dr. B Kapur, Psychiatrist, Columbia Asia, Hospital Bangalore, India talks about the common problem of insomnia, the inability to fall asleep. Lack of restful sleep can lead to health complications and reduce your productivity over a period of time. Insomnia is a fairly treatable condition and one should seek medical help if you have been struggling to sleep and it is disturbing your day life .

Most of us experience a sleepless night on and off. Usually tension, stress or anxiety over something is the major cause of sleeplessness. But when a person starts remaining awake for most of the night for quite sometime, it becomes a vicious cycle of sleeplessness, drowsiness, lethargy, and irritability leading to issues in the personal and professional fronts.

“Identifying the cause of insomnia is important so as to know the exact reason for sleeplessness. Addressing a physical symptom that is adding to the discomfort and not letting a person sleep is the first line of treatment. Next comes the psychological cause such as depression, anxiety, or other disorders which is treated generally with counseling, psychotherapy and mild dose of sleeping pills,” explains Dr. Kapur.

It is also possible that the cause of insomnia is purely a faulty lifestyle and poor sleeping habits. Work schedule, food habits, travel, addiction, use of electronic devices late at night are some of the other factors that cause insomnia, especially in the young adults. A bit of care and changing the poor habits are sufficient often to keep you sleeping through the night. Never ever try to induce sleep by consuming alcohol or taking sleeping pills. You are very much likely to become habituated to sleeping drugs and alcohol will create more issues with sleep.

In case nothing seems to work for you, you might be suffering from sleep disorder. Consult a doctor to get a better diagnosis of your sleeplessness.

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