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What is the best diet for first trimester? Learn more!

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Sangeetha Narayana Swamy, Consultant Nutritionists, Nutrifills, Bangalore India, talks about the importance of consuming balanced and nutritious diet, taking in daily supplements of essential prenatal vitamins and indulging in light exercise throughout the first 3 crucial months of pregnancy.

When we talk of healthy pregnancy and healthy baby, it is necessary to understand that eating healthy is the most important step. Most of the pregnant women in India fail to get the required amount of nutrients, resulting in future health related complication for both the mother and the baby.

85% of the women experience some or the other form of nausea, food aversions that makes it difficult to eat properly in the early days of pregnancy.

A common misconception is advising a pregnant woman to eat for two. An extra 150 calories a day is enough in the first trimester.   The ideal weight gain in the first trimester should be between 3-4 kgs. The main aim of eating should be consuming nutrients. Whole grains, eggs, green leafy vegetables, fruits, milk and other dairy products, lean meat, dry fruits, liver, legumes, fortified cereals that are some of the good sources of protein, carbohydrates, iron and calcium.

Exercising for at least 30 minutes on a daily basis is advisable to keep your muscles moving. You can ask your doctor if walking or prenatal yoga is safe for you.

“ The first trimester of a pregnancy lays the foundation of a healthy baby. A daily dose of folic acid, 30 mg of iron and 1200 mg of calcium is usually prescribed to expectant women, as these are the 3 most important building blocks to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Apart from these, consuming nutritious and well balanced diet, light exercise is advisable unless you are advised against it by your doctor,” explains Sangeetha.

On the last note, avoid drinking and smoking, exposure to passive smoking for sake of your child’s health. Rest well and don’t be stressed out.

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