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What is the use of a Doppler scan?

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Dr. Apoorva Pallam Reddy, Gynaecologist at Mathrutva Fertility Centre, Bangalore, India talks about the Doppler scan.

Doppler scan is a kind of ultrasound scan that uses the sound waves to assess the flow of blood through a blood vessel. It is often used on pregnant women to study the blood circulation in the foetus, uterus and the placenta. In the case of a high-risk pregnancy, your doctor would want to keep a close tab on the well-being of your baby and might advise for Doppler scan.

Doppler scan can also be used to:

  • Detect deep vein thrombosis
  • Diagnose peripheral arterial disease
  • Listen to the heartbeat of the foetus
  • Diagnose any internal injury to the veins or arteries after trauma
  • Diagnosing other heart and blood circulation related disease

“One should not use Doppler scan for a prolonged duration in a single session. Sometimes, prolonged use of Doppler scan can elevate the temperature of the abdominal region where it is placed.”

During the scan, a handheld device of the Doppler called as the transducer is placed over the baby bump, it sends and receives sound waves. These sound waves are processed to assess the blood flow which gives a good idea of how your baby is doing.


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