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Will a pregnancy test take time?

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Dr. Apoorva Pallam Reddy, Gynaecologist at Mathrutva Fertility Centre, Bangalore, India talks about the required time duration for testing pregnancy through a home test kit. She also advises on what needs to be done if the results are ambiguous.

Most of the pregnancy test kits come with a set of instructions. A home pregnancy test requires you to put few drops of your morning urine into the testing strip. These testing strips are sensitive to hCG, the pregnancy hormone present in urine.

Usually, a 2-minute waiting time is advised to confirm the result. The appearance of two red or pink lines means a positive result whereas just one line is considered negative for pregnancy.

You might get a false negative result if the tests are conducted in very early stages of pregnancy.

Sometimes, you can see a faint second line or a later appearance of the second line. A lighter second line means that the level of hCG, probably is indicating to a very early stage of pregnancy. Repeating the tests after few days should give accurate results.

“A mixed result of pregnancy tests or undistinguishable second line does not confirm pregnancy. A blood test for detecting hCG level should be taken after consulting a gynaecologist.”

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