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Will masturbation affect my health? Find out!

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Dr. Praveen Joshi, Uro-Andrologist, Joshi’s Andrology and Urology Centre, Bangalore, India debunks many myths associated with masturbation in this video.

Masturbation refers to the sexual stimulation of the genitals by oneself for achieving sexual arousal and release.

Masturbation is a commonly practised by boys and men. In an Indian sex survey, around 71% of men accepted that they practised masturbation.

The most compelling reason why men engage in masturbation is that they find it pleasurable. Men might have sexual fantasies and masturbation could help them to release the sexual tension.

Masturbation is not said to cause any health issues by itself. Some people may experience feelings of guilt due to their cultural and religious beliefs.

Masturbation is said to be safe until one is careful enough not to insert it in anything and one does not attempt to insert stuff in the opening of the penis.

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