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10 Daily habits of happy couples

Do you envy some couples who are happy, smiling and enjoying life with each other, most of the time? They never seem to argue or fight over silly things and are in perfect balance, staying at the same wavelength as one another, forever. What can be their secret? How do they stay happy all the time? Well, it is sometimes easier than you think.

Here are some daily habits which happy couples have to maintain happiness and love in their relationship:

1.Thanking each other:

When is the last time you thanked your spouse for preparing a dinner or taking you out for a drive? We always thank our friends and colleagues but often forget to thank our spouses. Thanking someone shows that you acknowledge their efforts and are grateful to them. So why forget our spouses who are always doing something for us?


2.Complimenting each other:

We always complement each other when we are dating. But after marriage, complimenting usually comes to an end. Complimenting not only pleases the person but also makes him/her feel wanted, boosting their self-confidence. It shows that your spouse is still a special person for you. So, try not to miss an opportunity to compliment your spouse when he/she dresses up for an occasion.

3. Hugging your spouse:

Do you feel embarrassed to hug your spouse in front of the family or friends? Hugging does not always mean you are attracted sexually towards that person. It also shows your warmth and care for the person. A simple hug can make your spouse feel better and loved.

4. Calling and texting:

Keeping in touch is very important in any relationship. A simple 1-minute call after reaching work or before lunch may show your concern about your spouse. It shows that although you are very busy in your daily schedule, you have still not forgotten about your partner. If you are rushing through things, texting can be another good option.

5. Respecting each other’s freedom:

Everyone needs some “me time” when they can take a break from daily routine and enjoy their life. Spouses should comply with this freedom of each other to let go sometimes and not stick to each other on every occasion. Putting restrictions only mean that you are insecure about your relationship.

6. Taking decisions together:

A healthy relationship always requires mutual contribution and agreement. It’s not going to work if only one makes the decisions and the other is left to feel unimportant. All the major decisions of life should be taken after interactive discussions and agreements, such as decisions regarding work, children, money, house, etc.

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7. Sharing a meal:

Sharing a meal gives you time to relax and reconnect. It may sound difficult if you have busy schedules and work in different shifts. But little efforts from both of you can work wonders. If not every day, make sure you eat with your partner at least 2-3 times in a week or on weekends.

8. Talking before sleeping:

A 10-minute conversation before hitting the bed can play an important role in your relationship. You can discuss your day, any significant issues or interesting person whom you met. These discussions may seem less important, but it may express your personality, giving enough room for staying connected and express concern about your spouse.

9. Special time together:

You have been married and staying together that doesn’t mean you cannot plan a date with your spouse. Plan out a dinner only with your partner (possibly minus children) and spend some quality time. It can give you private time with each other to reconnect and rediscover each other.

10. Snuggling each other:

You don’t need to have sex frequently to bring the spark back into your relationship. Intimacy like snuggling and holding each other in bed is good enough to make you feel happy and loved by your partner. Take time to snuggle each other before starting your day and before sleeping.

It is easy to get trapped into a daily routine of waking up, eating breakfast, going to work, coming back, eating dinner and sleeping. This busy routine definitely starts draining your relationship and the love you have with your partner. It’s easy to allow stress and distractions to get in the way of a happy relationship, but if you make conscious efforts and work towards improving your bond with your partner, you will have a happy and satisfying years rolling in your relationship.

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