5 Bad Eating Habits which are adding to your weight

Bad eating habit-1: Eating too quickly

Gulping down food doesn’t give enough time to your brain to catch up with your stomach. It takes almost 15 – 20 minutes for your brain to send the signal that you are full after you have started eating. If you eat too quickly, you will end up in over-eating.

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How to fix it?

To slow down your eating, you need to physically put down your spoon after every bite, take smaller bites and chew each bite properly.

Bad eating habit-2: Not planning your meals

You come back from office, and you are hungry. It is easy for you to grab some biscuits than to make a brown bread sandwich. When you are hungry, you can’t differentiate between healthy and unhealthy. You just quickly grab something and end up eating junk.

How to fix it?

Plan your meals for the week in advance. Make a list of what all you would like to eat in a week and buy groceries according to your list. Stock up healthy snacks at home in case of emergency.

Bad eating habit-3: Eating while watching TV or checking your phone

Many of us eat our meals while watching TV, laptop or reading newspaper. This is called distracted eating because you don’t concentrate on your food while eating. Distracted eating leads to over-eating because you don’t realise how much you ate and how long you ate. It contributes to weight gain, sedentary lifestyle and overall unhealthiness.

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How to fix it?

If you want to lose or maintain your weight, you need to put down your phone, switch off TV or laptop and concentrate on your food. You need to focus on food while eating. Then only you can decide how much food your body needs to feel satisfied.

Bad eating habit-4: Skipping meals when you are going to eat something indulgent

Some people skip their lunch when they know they have to go for a lavish dinner. They think by doing this; they can compensate for eating more later in the day. But, this habit usually backfires. You end up over-eating as you feel starved and crave for food. You lose the ability to control your intake and eat more than required which leads to weight gain.

How to fix it?

Skipping a meal never helps, it almost deteriorates your diet plan. Instead, stick to your regular meal time. Focus on eating healthy food. It’s ok to indulge sometimes but you will avoid overdoing it if you don’t skip a meal.

Bad eating habit-5: You are careful about eating during the week, but not on the weekends

You follow a proper routine and eat healthy food on weekdays (Monday to Friday) but as weekend (Saturday and Sunday) comes, you just give up your healthy diet, do not follow schedule, eat anything in restaurants, just don’t care about what you are eating and then worry about your weight on weekdays.

How to fix it?

It’s very important to follow your diet plan on all the days of the week. You need to stay consistent also on weekends if you want to see good results. Instead of going on eating spree on weekends, you should indulge in only one portion controlled treat of your choice. To reward yourself, think of some other activities for the weekend like getting a massage or facial done, playing games of your choice or meet friends. Taking the weekends off from diet plan is a total sabotage for all your efforts during the week.

Consult a top Dietitian/Nutritionist

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