5 habits that could lead to erection issues in men

The scourge of infertility is affecting men in large numbers. This is an important but overlooked aspect of men’s health. A bad lifestyle causes a host of problems like poor quality of sperm and erectile dysfunction. The funny part is, men, worry more about their looks and are potentially unaware of certain bad habits that unknowingly harm their potency and fertility.

1. Smoking


Smoking causes serious health issues for men. A pack or two of cigarettes can damage the quality of sperm. This includes sperm motility and viability. It’s not uncommon to see wives of chain smokers struggling to conceive. More often than not, they have miscarriages due to genetic defects in the sperm.

2. Hot baths and sauna

If you think a hot sauna session after a vigorous gym workout is the ideal thing for you, think again! There is a good reason why your testicles rest outside your body. Sperm thrives in a temperature environment 2-3 degrees lower than the body temperature. If it gets warmer, sperm production may stop altogether.

3. Inactive lifestyle


That beer gut can easily come in the way of fertility. The more you weigh, the more chances that your hormones are out of control. Excess weight affects testosterone production and in turn, has an impact on the quality and quantity of sperm.  Obesity can cause erectile dysfunction and interfere with a man’s ability to have sex. It’s a good idea to start exercising and lose some weight to get your sexual health back on track.

4. Heat-causing habits

man with laptop on crotch

Men who work on the couch with laptops resting on their crotch, watch out. The electromagnetic waves and heat generated by the laptop can play havoc with sexual health. Tight underwear can be another impediment raising the body temperature by a few degrees. A word of advice, wear loose-fitting undergarments and set your laptop on a work table. Your sperm will thank you for it.

5. Stress

stressed man

If you’ve found out that you’re infertile, the accompanying stress can further compound the situation and make matters worse. Stress hampers sexual performance and this can lead to a depressing cycle of not being able to have intercourse and not being able to conceive. It’s a good idea to seek treatment, practice meditation and undergo relaxation therapies to ease off the stress.

Avoid these 5 pitfalls and you will be able to see a marked difference in your overall health and virility. A sunny disposition devoid of bad habits like smoking, and alcohol use can enhance not only your overall health but also restore sexual health and vigour.

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