5 Top breakfast recipes for rushed mornings

It’s no joke that hundreds of people skip breakfast in the morning because they’re running late for work, classes or anything else. One must not forget that breakfast is an important meal of the day and gives you the energy to get going and make your day a good one. It helps to lower your stress and increase your metabolism. So how do you go about it, you ask? Worry not! Here are few recipes for a quick, healthy breakfast that is ideal for mornings when you’re flying out of the door!

1. Oats made overnight

No, it is not as weird as it sounds. Mix rolled oats with almond or skim milk, along with nuts, chia or flax seeds, and frozen blueberries or strawberries. Add honey for natural sweetness, and store it in a covered container overnight in the fridge. When you wake up the next morning, a batch of healthy, porridge-like breakfast will be waiting for you to just about inhale and run out the door!

2. Make smoothies

Smoothies are super easy to consume, don’t take much time to make, and are refreshing and filling enough until your next meal. Keep it simple with a blueberry banana smoothie. Blend almond milk, one avocado, one cup of blueberries, and one banana in a blender, ice is optional but fun. Drink up to soak in those nutrients!

3. Smoothie bowls to go

Top 5 breakfast recipes for rushed mornings

Go wild with the flavours, mixing fruits that you want in a blender. We recommend strawberries, yoghurt, honey or maple syrup and vanilla. For toppings, add cornflakes, oats, nuts chia or flax seeds or fresh fruit, or combine all of the above for a bowl of healthy goodness. What’s more, you can even put all of this in a travel-sized box for you to eat on your daily morning commute.

4. Healthy omelettes

Top 5 breakfast recipes for rushed mornings

Omelettes are quick and easy to make, but why not make it healthier by adding some veggies. Whisk two eggs in a bowl and pour into a pan, and add some cut asparagus, tomatoes, mushrooms and any other vegetable you like. Eggs are packed with protein, which is a great start to your day, and the vitamins and nutrients you get from the veggies can fuel you till the next snack break. Win-win!

5. Avocado toast

Top 5 breakfast recipes for rushed mornings

Yes, the Instagrammer’s ideal food is indeed a quick fix in the mornings, and healthy to boot. Toast slices of whole-grain bread and spread mashed-avocado. Sprinkle salt and pepper for flavour. For it to pack a punch, cook an egg, the sunny side up and layer onto the toast. And there you have it! A simple breakfast packed with nutrients that energise you through the day.

The bottom line is: don’t skip breakfast! Spend a weekend figuring out which recipes you like and make them quickly in the mornings.

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