7 Worktable Snacks to Kill Hunger Pangs at Office

Munchies can hit at any time. Perhaps you’re having a stressful day at work and need something to gnaw on other than your colleague’s arm, or maybe you’re just bored at work and need a distraction. Most often, the first thing you end up reaching for is a bag of chips or a box of cookies. Unfortunately, these packaged snacks can contain quite a few calories, which pile on the pounds. Here’s a list of healthy snacks you can carry to work to munch on… guilt free!



Just grab a banana, an apple, orange, or a handful of grapes and you’ve got your healthy office snack sorted. Not only are you boosting your vitamin, fiber and nutrition intake, you’re also doing so in under 150 calories.



Popcorn is a great snack to fill up on during the day. Just pop some in a microwave with a little bit of oil and salt, seal in a zip-lock and you’ve got yourself a yummy tummy filler.



Prepare mini bags of salt-free pistachios, almonds, and cashews for the week and stash them in your drawer at work. These are perfect to snack on when the 3:00 pm hunger pangs hit. Just remember to go easy on the candied dry fruit as this is loaded with sugar.


Carrot sticks with hummus

The fiber and protein combo in this will keep you satiated when lunch seems ages away. Bonus points if you make your own hummus at home.  Cut carrots, cucumbers, radish and other veggies into long sticks and dip away.


Granola bars

For days when you must have that ‘something sweet’, granola or yoga bars are just the thing. Make sure you buy ones with no added sugar, though. Check the wrapping to identify this crucial number and stock up. 


Non-fat Greek yogurt

This is perfect when you’re looking for something to cool you down. There’re plenty flavors available in the market today, and the mini cups are just the right snack size.


Cucumbers and feta

Have you tried this yet? Dice some cucumbers and crumble feta cheese on top. This is a refreshing combination, ideal to nibble on during hot summer days.

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