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Amazing benefits of running that you probably didn’t know

Wind blowing past your hair, the earth beneath your feet and the incredible scenery passing you by, running is almost everyone’s favourite form of exercise. Running requires no professional training, and anyone can do it. It has numerous health benefits, apart from helping you lose some weight, and you don’t have to be a cross-country runner to reap them.

7 Benefits of Running

Benefits of Running

1. Stay in Shape

The first and most obvious benefit of running is that it helps you shed some weight. More than that, running helps in keeping your body toned and firm. If you swing your arms as you run, you’re giving your chest and shoulder a workout too.

2. Natural High

When you run, endorphins are released by your brain. It improves your mood and makes you happier. The feeling has been termed as ‘runner’s high’ and this feeling can last for more than a couple of hours after a run.

3. Memory and Mental Health

Regular exercise stimulates the creation of fresh nerve cells. It keeps your brain away from ‘aging’ and improves your ability to recall memories. By helping you sleep better running keeps your mind more fresh and active as well.

4. Immunity

Even light running is said to boost the immune system by circulating the protective cells throughout the body at a faster rate.

5. Stronger bones

Running is a high-impact activity that has been reported to increase the bone mineral density. When we age, our bones lose this density and get weaker and more brittle. Running helps to strengthen the bones and keep them working great even as you age.

6. Prevent Diseases

By keeping the heart healthy, running reduces the risk of a stroke or heart diseases. Because it keeps you fit and active, running is also recommended to help people with high blood pressure and osteoporosis.

7. Better Sleep

Running helps you sleep better in two ways. First, by improving your mood and reducing stress; it helps calm the restless mind and facilitates better sleep. Secondly, by tiring you out; it helps you fall into deep sleep faster.

If you still need more motivation to take up running, try these steps that will make it more fun:

  • Go with a friend or family member
  • Listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks
  • Pick a scenic spot
  • Alternate running with walking
  • Set targets for yourself
Running has incredible benefits both to the body and the mind. You will be astonished to find that even short runs can leave you feeling more energised and focused.

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