Amazing health benefits of Sex! Know More

Human beings are sexual beings. Healthy sexual activity is an enjoyable and a refreshing emotional experience which brings good health, confidence and emotional bonding in the involved partners. Human beings are programmed to seek and obtain sex.

Sex can be of various forms like thoughts, fantasies, attitudes, beliefs, behaviours, values, roles, practices, and relationships. Intercourse is one of the main ways to fulfil a sexual desire. The normal healthy sexual activity is a coordinated involvement between two individuals (a male and a female) in foreplay, actual act and post act bonding. This activity involves rhythmic engagement of a series of hormones resulting in coordinated body movements and burning a good amount of calories. There is no fixed frequency that a couple should involve in sexual activity. There are many health benefits from having a healthy sexual activity.

Amazing health benefits of Sex! Know More

Some of the Benefits of having Sex are:

Improved physical fitness: The burning of calories during sexual activity amounts to that of a good physical exercise. Sex also boosts confidence and trust among the involved individuals. Thus, sex contributes to physical fitness of the engaged couple.

Amazing health benefits of Sex! Know More

Better bladder control in women: Sex acts as a good exercise to pelvic floor muscles. The muscle contraction during orgasm further strengthen the pelvic muscles. This strengthening of the pelvic muscles may avoid development of urinary incontinence in future.

Increased immunity: It is a fact that stress reduces resistance levels. Indulging in sex regularly, reduces stress and hence improves immunity.

A lowered incidence of heart attacks and cancer: Higher the oxytocin, lesser the stress. The lower level of stress decreases the risk of individual getting heart attacks. It is also indicated that men who ejaculate more have reduced risk of developing prostate cancer.

Reduced stress and improved relationship: When a couple engages in touching, kissing, and other intimate sexual contacts, ‘oxytocin’ (cuddle hormone) is released into the blood. Under these circumstances, oxytocin acts as a neurotransmitter and reduces the stress hormone ‘cortisol’ levels. Therefore, after the sexual activity, the engaged couple starts feeling fresh and better. Regular sex also increases the intimacy of the couple.

Increased libido (sex drive): Having regular sex enhances sexual life and increases libido in turn. This enhancement leads to positive reinforcement and sustained beneficial effects of sex.

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