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According to Mr Betsey Stevenson (Economist at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania), “It’s not just that, the people who are going to do well in life play sports, but that sports help people do better in life”.

Benefits of playing sports

If you are a teen who wants to know how playing sports benefit you, here you go:

1. Sports ‘enhance feel good response.’

Any game, i.e., a group sport (soccer or cricket) or a solitary sport (swimming or jogging) stimulates your body to produce neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) known as endorphins. These endorphins are chemicals which are responsible for the feeling known as “runner’s high” which occurs in some specific areas of your brain. This runner’s high is known to be responsible for positive changes in mood. So, the increased levels of endorphins cause a “feel-good” response which decreases pain and relieve symptoms of stress and tension.

2. Sports ‘enhance one’s self-confidence.’

Self-confidence is the key to gain success in sports and life in general. This achievement reflects about your self-worth. When you work hard in games and achieve your dreams, the success increases your self-confidence. Once you are confident that you can reach your goals, you will try repeating it in others aspects of your life. Thus, sports enable to elevate your confidence levels.

3. Sports ‘promotes physical and mental well-being.’

Sports help you to stay physically fit and mentally strong. To maintain fitness, you make healthy lifestyle choices while you eat and drink. These initiatives can help you retain the shape of your body and research opines that sports can lower the chance of developing osteoporosis in both males and females or breast cancer in females. You may be less likely to get influenced in risky behaviours such as smoking, drinking, sexual activities, peer pressures, etc.

• Sports ‘prevent a teen from depression/committing suicide.’

Every failure in competition helps you to identify the weaker side of you. Your teammates/ coach/parents will support you to overcome and tackle your weaknesses. This kind of combined support helps you to face failures with confidence, and you will try to work hard to excel in the next game. Developing this kind of attitude helps you to face failures (break-up, loss of job, etc.) of life in a positive way, unlike others who land in depression or choose to commit suicide.

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