Boost your fertility with these superfoods

There’s no doubt that diet is essential in managing even the little actions of our body. It has recently come to light that diet can even help in infertility.

Although, ancient Chinese physicians have been in on the secret for many centuries now, the rest of the world is only catching up. A study has linked diet and conception, thus showing that your diet can have a significant impact on your fertility levels.

An ideal diet for boosting fertility is plant-based, natural and peppered with whole foods. Here’s a breakdown of elements that you can use to build a tailored fertility diet:

Whole Foods

Whole foods are those that are processed very little, and are not refined- in other words, they’re natural. The benefit of whole foods is that it’s packed with nutrients from the get go, with fibre, enzymes and antioxidants. What’s more, they don’t have additional flavours, preservatives or other additives, making them very healthy. Thus such nutrient-packed foods can effectively help in increasing fertility levels.


Boost your fertility with these superfoods

Chinese lore has it that sprouts are extremely beneficial for those couples hoping to make sprouts of their own. Metaphors aside, sprouts help to nurture an alkaline environment in the body, primarily the cervix, as opposed to an acidic one, the ideal environment for fertilisation of the sperm and the egg.

Plant-based foods include foods that are full of fibre and antioxidants, like fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes. These foods have been linked to successful prevention of diseases and increasing longevity.

Of course, small amounts of meat, fish and poultry can also be included for that added protein and energy. Dairy products can be added to supplement calcium levels.

Leafy vegetables:

Boost your fertility with these superfoods

Another subset of vegetables, leafy greens are packed with elements that can help boost fertility. Most importantly, leafy vegetables are packed with folic acid, which is an absolute must for expecting women. It prevents congenital disabilities in the foetus including spinal and brain defects. Additionally, the iron content in these vegetables helps to build a sturdy endometrial lining required for the egg to latch onto and develop into a foetus.

Most of all, healthy eating is critical when it comes to fertility. A balanced diet, daily exercise and portioned meals can help not only infertility but also in maintaining the  overall health.

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