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If you are a man in mid-20’s or nearing 30 years, you may see hair growth on your ears. These can be the outer ear hairs that grow on the pinna (the projecting part of the ear lying outside the head) or inner ear hairs present in the canal of the ear. A tuft of hair growing on the pinna or sticking out from the ear canal may look revolting. You may remove your facial hair immaculately, but women may still find you disgusting if you forget to control your ear hair.

Ear hair grooming tips for men

Here are some simple methods of grooming your ear hair.

1. Trimming

Trimming the ear hairs is the first option you have. You do not want to use conventional scissors for this activity. Buy a scissor with rounded tips, which will help prevent any injury to the skin of the ear. You may want to use a magnifying mirror to get a clear image of the ear. Cut the outer ear hair as close to the skin as possible and trim the inner ear hairs that are sticking out. Do this carefully and do not injure yourself in the process.

2. Shaving

The outer ear hairs can be shaved as close to the skin as possible. Apply lather to the ears and exercise caution while shaving to prevent cutting yourself. However, shaving the ears with a conventional razor or twin blade is a difficult process as the curvature of the external ear makes it difficult to get a clean shave without getting cuts, nicks and irritation.

3. Electric Razor

You can buy a good quality electric razor with special attachments, specifically designed for the ears. They will have narrow shears and a safety attachment that will help prevent any injuries. Ensure that you are not holding the razor too close or too far away from the skin. Use a good mirror or magnifying glass so that you have a good vision of the area you are trying to trim. Avoid running the buzzer too many times on the same spot to prevent irritation.

Electric razors with these special attachments are also the best method to clear inner ear hairs that are growing at the entrance of your ear canal. Do not force the trimmer deeper into the ear canal and use your judgement to decide the comfortable depth to shave.

4. Depilatory Creams

These creams contain chemicals that melt the hair away and slow down the growth of hairs for significant periods. The advantage with these creams is that they are less uncomfortable compared to the other methods. They can be tried on the external ear to remove outer ear hairs. Some people may be sensitive to these products. Hence, it is suggested that they should be tested for sensitivity by applying them on the inner part of the forearm to see if you get any irritation or redness. Any form of irritation, redness or discomfort would imply that they are unsuitable for use.

Apply a layer of the depilatory cream on the hairy area and allow it to stay for the recommended duration of time. Use a warm wet towel to wipe away the cream and remove the hair follicles.

5. Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is performed in special salons or clinics by trained professionals. A beam of laser light is used to destroy the hair follicles and cause a hairless skin. This method may not guarantee permanent removal, but even if hair regrows, it takes a longer time to grow, or they may be finer or lighter in colour.

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