Grooming Body Hair: Do’s and Don’ts for men

Body hair is something that differentiates men from the boys. The hair on the body was considered as a sign of masculinity and men used to pride about their body hair. However, the concept of body hair removal (called manscaping) has caught up with the men too and it is no more a taboo for men. Not only athletes and body builders but a wide section of men are going for the metrosexual look. Here are some pointers to you, before you decide to take out the razor and start manscaping.

Grooming Body Hair: Do’s and Don’ts for men


  • Use the right equipment. The classic method of using a shaver and a razor will work fine if you are doing it once in a while. If you are really furry and do it often, you should consider buying an electric trimmer with adjustable settings for the length. The other options such as waxing, chemical peels and laser hair removal may be cumbersome.
  • Soften the skin before shaving. Soaking your skin for around 5 minutes in warm water may help to soften the skin. Use a good shaving cream or gel or other soothing agents over the areas you plan to shave. Reapply the same as needed. Using gentle ingredients can ensure that you get a smooth shave with less irritation and not have ingrown hairs.
  • Change your razor blade regularly. If you are using a shaver and razor, use fresh blade each time. Reusing blades can cause nicks in the skin and imperfect shaves. Reusing also increases the chances of infection of hair follicles. Even if you are using an electric razor with a rotating blade, keep a stock of disposable razors to replace blunt ones every few months and get the best shave. At the same time be careful with fresh blades as they will be sharper than the one you are replacing.
  • Shave in the direction of hair growth. While shaving with a handheld razor, always shave in the direction of hair growth. Use a mirror to look at yourself while shaving and move the razor in the direction of its growth from its base to the tip. Do not shave against the grain, as this is thought to cause pointy, sharp hairs that can burrow back into the skin (ingrowing hair).
  • Consider trimming the back and shoulders. While there are women who may feel turned on by the hair on the chest, excess hair on the back and shoulders does not make you attractive to most women.
  • Trim your armpit hair. A bushy armpit is not only a turn off for many women, but also can trap sweat and contribute to underarm odour.

Grooming Body Hair: Do’s and Don’ts for men


  • Try at-home waxing or sprays.  At-home hair removal using wax and sprays is complicated, time consuming and painful. If you do not get the hang of it, you may end up with rashes, bumps, and bleeding.
  • Go completely hair free. Except for body builders, swimmers and models who need it for professional purposes, other men need not shave themselves to an entirely hairless state.
  • Go bare. Maintaining this full-body shaven state will be a tedious routine. Men are expected to have some body hair and clean shaven arms or legs may appear unnatural and unsightly (when hair regrows prickly patches may be seen).
  • Shave your armpits. Bare armpits on a man may seem bit off. Unless you play a sport in which you need to be hairless or work in the show business where the camera is catching your armpits, you need not go hairless in the pits. You can keep it trimmed instead.
  • Ignore the backside. Most men have a hairy backside. If you shave or trim rest of the regions but leave plenty of hair on the backside, you may appear plain weird.
  • Shave your pubes. A hairless pubic area may be attractive on a woman, but for men, the same may make you look like a prepubescent boy. Trim the bush instead; it may make your shaft appear long.
  • Leave a border. When you shave a region of the body, you are likely to leave an artificial boundary when there is a well-defined line between the smooth skin and hairy skin. If you trim the hair, you may not have to worry about this.
  • Shave patterns. Don’t get too artistic and try to shave designs on your body. The sight of a downward-pointing arrow or a carved heart is not appealing to many.
  • Braid body hair. Do not braid your body hair or pubic hairs. Nobody likes seeing plaits on your body or pubes.

Manscaping can be a simple process and by using a basic beard trimmer and adhering to these tips can help you get that metrosexual look in a hygienic way.



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