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How To Cope With Miscarriage?

In the early weeks of pregnancy, there is a very high likelihood of miscarriage. A silent miscarriage or a missed abortion is something, which happens very early in the pregnancy and usually goes undetected unless ultrasound is performed.

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It is but a common enough reaction to not think or talk about negative things like a miscarriage when pregnant. It is a terrifying possibility which plagues any couple, and they would rather ignore it rather than know more about it. It is not something which is discussed much, but it is essential for every woman to be aware of what precisely a silent miscarriage is and the cause of the same.

Miscarriage is devastating for couples. Men and women experience different levels of bonding with a baby. Women are more expressive about their loss. Often men bury themselves in work when they are grieving, and the diversion helps. Also, real bonding may not develop until after the baby is born. While the woman starts building the bond the moment she is aware of the pregnancy.

How Do You Handle Miscarriage?

Miscarriage is very difficult on a woman. In many cases, they have miscarriage post-30s and early 40s. They yearn for a child, and it takes a lot of effort to get pregnant, and when a miscarriage occurs, it is very devastating. Find below some tips, which would help with the same:

  • Take support of family and friends, support groups and also seek grief counsellor or a therapist to help deal with the emotional effects of miscarrying.
  • Women may experience numbness, disbelief, anger, guilt, sadness, depression and also difficulty concentrating. Even though the pregnancy ended very early, the bonding between a mother and her baby could be intense. It is a roller coaster of emotions. You should understand that most of your feelings are due to the unstable hormones levels. Usually, your doctor would be able to advise you on when you would see some return to normalcy.
  • Anger is the primary emotion you would be feeling followed by guilt, and you will end up questioning yourself whether you could have done more. The important thing is that miscarriage is neither your fault nor your partners. There is nothing either one of you could have done differently to prevent it. Write a letter and get that anger out of your system.
  • At first, you might feel denial – this cannot be happening to you. After rejection, you feel depression and anger. You are unable to believe what has happened to you and never thought you would be in this position. It is vital that you accept the loss and figure out how to live with it. Acceptance just means that you confirm in your mind that this is real. In time, acceptance will come to you.
  • If you are working, take some time off. Try to give yourselves time to recover. If your friends and co-workers already know about your pregnancy, it is going to be very difficult to share the bad news. However, you will be surprised how many of them might have already suffered the same loss and can relate to what your state. You may find comfort from talking to others who have been through a similar experience.

It is but natural to have a fear of this repeating again, although it is known to happen, it is rare. Miscarriage occurs due to many reasons and sometimes the precise cause is not known. When a fetus is malformed, body first tries to eject the same and prevent further development of pregnancy. Many women have had successful pregnancies after miscarrying. Doctors would advise you to wait for at least a couple of months before trying for pregnancy after a miscarriage.

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