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Keep your child safe from the Blue Whale Suicide game. Know more!

Blue whale game is an online game reportedly played via a discrete link sent to keen teenagers on their cell phone or played on social media platforms.

The game is named after the phenomenon where some blue whales hit the beach and kill themselves.  During the 50 days of the “challenge”, a set of administrators assign the participants a task to fulfil each day. After the completion of each assignment, the participants are asked to share pictures of the completed task on the social media. Most often the task includes the carving out with a knife/razor the infamous blue whale shape on their skin.

The final assignment in this game is to commit suicide! With the personal info and pictures being shared the least suspecting player, the app is said to hijack the player’s phone. The player cannot delete the app, and the game admins finally coerce the player to commit suicide.

Tips for parents to safeguard their teens against the blue whale game:

  • Communication is the key: Be aware of your teen’s social activities. Try to know their friend circle both online and offline ones. Talk to them about the potential abusers online, the need to maintain total secrecy about any personal info to strangers, declining any unknown friend requests, etc.
  • Watch out for any unusual behaviour: Be on the lookout for any secretive activity, excessive time of the phone, switching off the phone screen when around abruptly, any unusual social posts, signs of sleep deprivation, changes in personality, etc.
  • Use technology: Use parental control features on devices to block inappropriate content on devices.

Open communication regarding dangers of online games and how to safeguard themselves from such games is the need of the hour. Ask your teen to desist from anything related to the blue whale game.

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