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Nasikagra Drishti or Gazing at your nosetip.

Always sit in an upright and relaxed manner on your chair with legs firmly rested on the ground. Raise arms to shoulder level, keep them straight and make a loose fist with thumb pointing upwards. Fix the position of the head in a neutral position before starting. Inhale as the thumb is drawn towards the nose and exhale as your straighten your arm.

Preparation before all eye exercises :

Before starting any eye exercises, remove your glasses and splash pure cold water onto the eyes a few times. This will help clear your eyes and also stimulate the blood supply and tone your eyes. The most important thing to remember during practice is to be totally relaxed. Do not strain your eyes as this will lead to fatigue. Your facial muscles, eyebrows and eyelids should be totally relaxed. After each exercise,the eyes should be closed and rested for 30 seconds. Please remove your glasses.


Those who suffer from major eye disorders such as glaucoma ,trachoma, cataract , retinal detachment , retinal artery , iritis or conjunctivitis should only perform the below eye exercises after consulting an eye specialist .


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