Peak your sex drive with these super foods

We’ve always seen candles, wine and good music marketed as the best ways to “put you in the mood.” However, it’s no joke that you also need copious amounts of energy, and here’s where wine and candles can’t help much. However, these superfoods can- no, not just for cooking a fancy meal for your partner, but also for increasing your drive and leaving you with high energy.

1. Spinach

spinach, spinach leaves

Popeye got it right when he swore by spinach. This “superfood” is extremely helpful in increasing sex drive, especially when it comes to men. Spinach is rich in magnesium, which is known to decrease inflammation and increasing blood flow. This increased blood flow also increases the arousal levels.

2. Green Tea

green tea

Sure, you wouldn’t associate the yogis’ favourite drink with increased libido, but you can do so from now on. Green tea is packed with catechins which, amongst other benefits, also help to increase blood flow below the belt. It is because they finish off free radicals that threaten inflammation in blood cells. Of course, green tea also helps to shed belly fat, which is a bonus in this case!

3. Bananas


Innuendos aside, bananas are extremely beneficial in boosting your sex life. This fruit is packed with potassium, which undoes the bad effects of sodium, like decreased blood flow and bloating. So consume bananas, increase blood flow and see your libido improve remarkably.

4. Red wine

Ladies, listen up- knocking back a glass or two of wine can help boost your sex drive. It is because wine is rich in antioxidants, which in turn trigger nitric oxide production, which promotes better blood flow by relaxing the arteries. Also, it lowers inhibitions and calms anxiety. Of course, it’s best not to go beyond one or two glasses because that’ll ensure that the party ends before it even starts.

5. Nuts

It is good to go Nuts over nuts!

Not only are they super easy to consume, but nuts also help in maintaining erections. It is because nuts like pista and peanuts are packed with an amino acid, L-arginine, which forms nitric oxide. As mentioned before, nitric oxide increases blood flow.

6. Oysters


Oysters are power packed with zinc. Zinc is known to increase production of testosterone in the body. Suffice to say; this reason is enough to include oysters in your diet. They boost libido and drive and have been sought after as an aphrodisiac for decades.

The next time you’re looking for a little boost in your sex drive, don’t look any farther than your kitchen, and certainly not as far as fancy international “cures.” However, if problems persist, it is best (and not the least bit embarrassing) to consult your doctor and have him/her tell you what’s up.


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