Say bye to junk food by training your brain

Junk food usually feels like a match made in heaven- perfectly blended flavours, sugars and fats that leave you wanting more. It slowly becomes a habit, and every time you’re sad, hungry or just plain bored, you’ll find yourself reaching for that unhealthy packet of chips. If you fall victim to junk food but want to stay off it, you can train your brain to say no to junk food. Your brain decides to pick broccoli over a burger- sure, it sounds impossible. But science has shown that it is very much possible. Here’s how!

Say bye to junk food by training your brain

  • Find out about creepy ingredients

Your most loved foods sometimes have some of the grossest ingredients, and that’ll be sure to get you running in the opposite direction. Sure, it’s an amateur trick, but effective nonetheless. For example, learn that the red colouring used in some foods is extracted from insects that are part of the beetle family. Disgusted? Then your strategy is working- you are more likely to stay away from unhealthy food of this colour.

  • Five ingredients, no more

Say bye to junk food by training your brain

Another way to train your brain to stay away from junk food is to go for foods that have five ingredients or less. Before you buy a product, flip it over and look at the ingredient list- that’ll help you decide if you should buy it or not. It is a sure fire way to stay away from processed food even if you don’t understand a word of what’s written on the ingredients label.

  • If you have a routine, break it

If you’re one of those people who have to have something sweet at 4 in the afternoon, you know you have a routine. Most of the times, this routine is an unhealthy habit that you should do away. If you have such a routine or timely habit; consciously involve yourself in something else at that time, to avoid indulging in that habit. Over time, the habit will get erased, and you have successfully trained your brain to avoid that particular food item at that point.

  • Keep healthy foods in reach

If you often mindlessly reach into the snacks box on a quick trip to the kitchen, use that to your advantage. Move all junk food to another spot and store healthy food in the handiest of places, like your snack box. That way even if you’re unconsciously snacking, you’re doing it the healthy way. It’s a win-win situation.

  • Avoid trigger foods

Keep track of what food sends you down that bingeing spiral of no end. If it’s red velvet cupcakes or just chips from your local store, avoid it. This way, you’re more likely to avoid other junk foods as well, which you would ordinarily have consumed as part of the binge spiral.

It’s a struggle to train your brain to avoid junk food, but with time and perseverance, you can make a healthier person out of yourself.

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