Shed that post-baby weight Kareena Kapoor Khan Style

The post-pregnancy weight is real and appears frustrating for many women. One dreams of bringing back that sculpted body we boasted pre-pregnancy, but it’s easier said than done. However, determination and working on it will show good results, especially if you follow these steps. Celebrities and mothers like Kareena Kapoor Khan and their dieticians swear by these tips- so you know you’re in good hands. Post-baby great body, here we come!

1. Avoid crash diets

If there’s one thing dieticians say you shouldn’t do, it’s adhering to a crash diet. Crash diets usually claim to help reduce weight almost overnight, and that in itself should ring the alarm bells- it’s unhealthy to lose so much weight in such little time. It can even result in post-diet disorders like post pregnancy thyroid. Instead, opt for balanced and nutritious meals, and try to maintain this diet from the start of your pregnancy, through it and even after it for best results.


2. Stock up on calcium

Kareena Kapoor Khan says that pregnancy also means losing calcium in your body. Therefore, to lose that post-baby weight, it’s essential first to top up your calcium levels, most commonly by having a huge glass of milk, or even supplements if your doctor advises you so.

3. Eat in moderation

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Although many people advise staying off certain types of foods, both Kapoor Khan and her dietician believe that you can eat everything but in moderation. They recommend eating foods that have high levels of vitamin B12 and iron. It can be even in the form of pickles and sweets, as long as one does not go overboard.

4. Stay hydrated

Water is life- especially if you’re trying to get back in shape after your pregnancy. At least 2 to 3 litres of fluid is advocated. It can be in the form of water, soups, fresh juices or even coconut water. These not only help in weight loss but also improve your skin and bring your body functions back to normal.

5. Don’t lose faith

Celebrities swear that this is the ultimate way to encourage a healthy body after pregnancy. It does seem impossible to lose that much weight quickly, but it isn’t, as long as one has faith and is determined to do so. The process of weight loss should not be a compulsion or something that can be done overnight. Instead, it should be an energetic and fun-filled process that sometimes you can also involve your baby and family members too.

So there you have it! Tips that celebrities and their dieticians believe will get you back on track towards a healthy post-pregnancy body.

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