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Do you visit your college days when you were in shape and wonder just how you turned out to be the way you are now? Well, metabolism and lifestyle are at the core of it all. Long work days, long sitting hours and take-out food might place you on the throne of comfort, but it’s damaging you all the same. Chances are, you’re eating too much and not involving enough exercise to balance every morsel. Read through and keep a check on some of the most unhealthy food habits you could be following:

Stashing biscuits and chocolates

Reality Check, biscuits and chocolates

Let’s start with the obvious. We all have a desk, and there’s bound to be a few chocolates or biscuits stashed in there. When the mind wanders or when you’re waiting for your lunch buddy, it’s quite convenient to pull open the drawer and indulge. But don’t! Filling your stomach with refined flour makes you miss on the vital nutrients you could be feeding yourself during meal times.

 Not drinking enough water.

drinking water

It’s time for some logic. Think of your stomach as a mixer. If you throw in food (and junk) all through the day and don’t give it enough water – you’re bound to end up with tummy aches and acidity. Water also flushes out the toxins and keeps your skin clear. Don’t look for a reason, just fill up a bottle and guzzle through the day. What’s more, you’ll find yourself taking frequent breaks to refill your bottle thereby stretching your muscles.

Eating out

eating outside

This one’s a no-brainer. When people say ‘there’s nothing like home food’ it’s for a reason. Eating regularly from out not only piles up unwanted calories but also puts you at the risk of intestinal infections and the possibility of harbouring worms. While it might keep your tongue happy, your stomach is probably begging for actual ‘food.’ Make it a rule to eat out maybe once or twice a week instead of every day.

Eating at your desk

eating at desk

All those devout employees out there, this is the one thing you must radically change. Studies prove that eating at your desk causes overeating as your mind is focused on work instead of looking for the stop signal sent from your stomach. Ditch the habit, seat yourself at a table, and eat with your colleagues. It doesn’t hurt that you have access to a broader spread when you share.

Skipping breakfast

skipping breakfast

This one’s still on the list be it at work, at home, or anywhere else. Breakfast not only wakes you up good before you hit work, but it also keeps your productivity levels high. Make sure you have a good, protein-rich breakfast and you can say goodbye to those sudden hunger pangs through the day. Let’s sweeten the deal; it also keeps you happier and less cranky!

Substituting meals with caffeine

meals with caffeine

If you’re in the pantry for the love of the coffee machine, this is for you. While that caffeine kick might keep your brain awake and help you get through the day, it does little for your body. That rush masks the feeling of hunger and before you know it you’re a walking-talking coffee zombie.  Quick Tip – too much caffeine also keeps you awake at night and gives you racoon-like eyes, so avoid it after 5 pm.

 Mindless eating

mindless eating

Mindless eating undoubtedly takes the cake. And it’s surprising that it’s so familiar that we’ve all one it in one phase or the other. The treats distributed by a generous employee or a giant bag of chips you’re just ‘sharing’ could potentially put you at risk for a host of problems – heart health especially.

Keep your work zone clear of junk and spend your breaks walking instead of snacking on those deep-fried munchies.

Consult a top Dietitian/Nutritionist

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