Stealthing: Are you getting raped even without knowing it?

Any intimate relationship is based on love, trust and respect. These three principles are cornerstones that allow two individuals to share a satisfying sex life. But a disturbing new trend is on the rise these days, known as stealthing.

What is stealthing?

Stealthing is a situation where a man wearing a condom deliberately and secretly removes the condom during sex without taking the consent or informing his partner.

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Stealthing does not only leave the victim vulnerable to pregnancy and various sexually transmitted diseases but also leads to a lot of emotional, physical and financial damage. Due to these reasons, stealthing is also called as “rape-adjacent” legally by some experts.

Is stealthing a sexual assault?

Yes, stealthing is a sexual assault because removing condom without partner’s consent is a sexual offence as it forces the victim into a sexual act for which she/he would not have agreed.

What are the health risks associated with stealthing?

The National Health Service (NHS), UK has published a list of infections associated with penetrative vaginal sex without a condom, including genital herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhoea, genital warts, HIV and syphilis.

According to the NHS: “Infections can be transmitted even if full penetration of the penis into the vagina does not occur or if the man doesn’t ejaculate, as infections can spread through pre-ejaculate fluid which comes out of the penis before ejaculation.

Even slight insertion of the penis into the vagina (also called dipping) carries risks for both the partners. A condom protects against STDs.

There is also a high risk of unplanned pregnancy if the woman was relying on the condom as a form of birth control measure and if the condom is removed during sex.

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