Waxing vs Shaving: Which is better?

Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif have more in common than just Ranbir Kapoor. Both these leggy beauties represent popular hair removal brands that promise silky smooth skin like their own. Unfortunately, the only endorsement for waxing that we see is the good ‘ol parlour aunty who shakes her head at prickly legs and arms. So which is the better option to the ultimate women problem, waxing or shaving?

Shaving truths

shaving truths, shaving

It’s easy, it’s simple, and it’s painless. The sheer ease and time-saving nature of shaving give it a huge advantage. You just need to pop into the shower for a few minutes, lather up, and a few strokes here and there and you’re done! This quick ‘shortcut’ may save you a lot of time but is it worth it? The shaved area has a very brief silky span. Very soon, rather too soon, you see slight stubble growing under your skin and before you know it, you’re a walking-talking prickly pear. Shaving only removes the top surface of the hair, leaving behind a perfectly healthy hair follicle beneath your skin – ready to push out the razed hair right after you’ve shaved. So goodbye sleeveless tops, till you visit the showers again.

Waxing wonders


As opposed to shaving which is quick and easy, waxing needs time and planning. It also needs a bit of distraction because it does cause some amount of pain when the wax strip violently pulls out your unwanted hair right from the root. The way waxing works are that the wax attaches itself to the hair and when it is pulled away it removes the hair from deep within the hair follicle, even damaging the hair follicle to some extent. While it’s a painful exercise, the upside is that along with the hair, a layer of dead skin comes off. What you get at the end of the session is a silky smooth area that’s going to remain that way for quite some time. The hair that grows back a couple of weeks later is weaker and unhealthy because it comes out of damaged hair follicles and hopefully over time, you may even be rid of the hair for good.

So, we come back to the question at hand – waxing or shaving? The answer to that riddle comes from your body and schedule. If you need a quick fix now and then, then go ahead slide a razor across or use a hair removal cream. But if you need a more long-lasting solution and don’t mind the time or the money spent in waxing, then make an appointment with the parlour and wax away your blues.

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