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Most often, “looking fabulous” and “being thin’ are given as reasons for wanting to lose that excess weight. While wanting to reach your ideal body weight is a fitness goal on its own, there are many other ways in which your body will thank you for shedding those extra pounds. Losing weight can have immense benefits for your body, right from your bones to your knees to your skin. Here are few motivating reasons to hit the gym and shed that excess fat, forgetting about the “size zero” trend and fitting into your old jeans:

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Healthy bones and joints

Research has found that obese people are more likely to suffer from degenerative bone diseases like osteoarthritis. Most often, diseases like these are dismissed as common when it comes to old age, as everyone knows at least one old person who is struggling with arthritis. Put simply, more weight equals more pressure and weight on joints, leading to faster deterioration. Body fat is said to create a hormonal environment that causes inflammation.

Higher chances of pregnancy- and surgical success

High amounts of body fat pose risks when it comes to pregnancy and surgeries. It leads to longer operation time and could amp up the risk of post-surgery infections. Further, the obese pregnant women are more likely to have C-section deliveries. They are also more likely to suffer from infections and complications at the site post-surgery.

No more counting sheep

Being overweight is usually due to a poor diet packed with high-calorie and sugary foods that satisfy cravings. These foods digest quickly, leaving you hungry more often, and the vicious cycle continues. These impacts sleep quality and can be countered by healthy weight loss.

Better functioning taste buds

A new and good reason to lose weight is to do it so that you have better functioning taste buds. Researchers have found that more body fat means lesser sensitivity to taste as compared to their slimmer counterparts. One reason is that due to overuse taste buds may have lost their ability to be receptive of taste, while another reason is that the hormonal shifts that occur during the process of weight loss change the taste receptors’ communication with the brain.

Although dressing rooms often offer sharp reality checks on one’s weight, there are also substantial health benefits to losing weight. Hopefully, these reasons have motivated you enough to hit the gym and achieve a better quality of life.


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