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Plump, even-toned lips are every woman’s dream. However, most times it just remains a dream. The regular makeup application and exposure to the sun can harm your lips in unimaginable ways. A lot of times, we tend to neglect our lips while slathering sunscreen on our face, and our lifestyle habits lead to dark, uneven-toned lips that we want to get rid off. Don’t despair! There are several tried and tested remedies that can lighten your lips in a matter of days. Read on!

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Use some sugar
Sugar is a natural scrub and an excellent exfoliator. Mix sugar with honey to make a quick and efficient scrub. The sugar removes dry and dead skin while the honey nourishes and moisturises your lips, making them softer and lighter.

Squeeze some lemons

The acid in lemon works as a natural bleach. Thus, it’s effective in reducing darkness on lips, and evening out skin tone. It’s best to massage freshly squeezed juice onto your lips every night before bed to get lighter lips. You can also extend the treatment to the rest of your face, because lemon juice is known for its effectiveness in removing acne scars, and removing dark patches on the skin.

Get some roses

rose water

Rose water can lighten your skin, giving you soft pink skin like rose petals. Mix rose water with some honey and scrub gently on a daily basis. In a matter of days, you will see the difference. Another option is to mix rose water and milk, which you can apply for the same effect!

Grab some olive oil

olive oil, oil

Is there anything olives can’t do? Get your hands on some olive oil, as their moisturising properties and nutrients can lighten your lips in a matter of days. Make sure you choose the extra virgin type for maximum benefits. Massage a few drops of the oil onto your lips daily before going to bed. In a few weeks, you can see the difference- you’ll have visibly brighter and plumper lips.

Use pomegranates

Pomegranates are another way of getting natural light lips. The nutrients present in it can nourish and hydrate dry lips. What’s more, it can also act as a natural lip stain, allowing you to steer clear of lipstick and gloss while you’re restoring your poor lips.

Mix crushed pomegranate seeds with the cream of milk and gently massage it over your lips once a day. Additionally, you can also mix this with beetroot juice for a darker stain

Who knew that the ingredients to lighter plumper skin were in your fridge and kitchen cupboards already?

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