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Why is the bully targeting you?

If you are thinking, why you are being targeted, remember that it is not happening to you alone. Around 25-30% of kids report about getting bullied in school.

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There may be many reasons why you may be the target of the bully.

  • It may be anything different or unusual in your physical appearance, the way you dress, your religion, race, caste, sexual orientation or your social standing within your class or your peer group.
  • Bullies are known to pick on people who are different or do not fit the conventional.
  • Many bullies are known to come from dysfunctional families and do not get attention or affection at home and tend to lash out in school.
  • In some cases, the incentive is a reward in the form the money, belongings, or lunch that you relinquish to them.
  • Some do it to get popularity in school.
  • Sometimes those kids who are doing poorly in academics or come from poor socioeconomic strata may do it out of resentment towards an academically bright or rich kid.

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