Why using vapour rub down there is not a good idea?

Vapour Rub, let’s keep it that way

Recently, many women claim to have made references to it being helpful to keep their vagina clean and fresh! Further, there are also claims for spicing up the sex life. Many women are known to use it to cleanse and suppress foul smell!

Is this ok? Of course not.

vaginal pain

The Consequences

A vapour rub is a readily available over-the-counter mentholated ointment. It is useful for cold, minor aches and pains. Its main ingredients include eucalyptus oil and menthol.

Buoyed by internet ‘experts’ who write from their experiences, women have started using vapour rub internally to ‘tingle’ and heighten the sensation and also as a lubricant. Vapour Rub is oil-based and not water-based.

What this means is that after sex, it will remain and if it has managed to seep inside, it would be tough to wipe off.

The vapour rub also contains camphor and oils like turpentine, eucalyptus, and cedar (which are known irritants) do more harm than good. Moreover, there is a high likelihood of the vapour rub itself seeping into the vulva which can develop into an entirely new issue altogether.

What might seem like freshness can also lead to a whole new set of problems as well. By using it internally, you could be at the risk of masking any medical conditions too.

What Should be Done?

The vagina does not need cleaning, it cleans itself with means of secretions (discharge), though the vulva needs to be cleaned a little. The vagina is also known to have a slight odour. If the smell is strong or foul, then you need to consult your doctor.

Vaginal thrush is a common yeast infection which can be uncomfortable, with itching and soreness around the vagina. Women also experience vaginal discharge and pain during intercourse. Recently, women seem to have found comfort from the soothing and cooling effects of the vapour rub. It is not a cure. Thrush should be treated with an anti-fungal cream prescribed by a physician and not suppressed with vapour rub.

Vicks VaporRub

The vulva might need some bit of cleaning with a little water to wash the outsides. The vulva secretes oils to protect itself and to use cleansers will remove those oils making vulva prone to irritation and infection. You might also wash away many good bacteria that maintain its pH levels.

Another opinion of dabbing a little vapour rub on the penis for tingling sensation and better enjoyment is as bad if not more as some might even suggest it to be a better and cheaper alternative to ‘delay sprays.’ Apart from risking the ointment entering vulva, the skin on the penis itself is sensitive, and one would end up with a burning sensation in the penis.

Handy tips for better genital hygiene

    • Use warm water. Avoid douching, hand showers etc. Do not try to force water in.
    • Always use non-fragrant soft tissues to wipe.
    • Wear cotton innerwear. Avoid synthetics as they trap heat and moisture. Avoid pantyhose as they are mostly nylon. Avoid thongs and lingerie which have laces, rubbers or elastic on them.
    • Wash your undergarments with mild soaps and double rinse.
    • Avoid – sprays, deodorants, bath oils, talc (yes you read it right) or any powders.
    • Careful, if you shave or wax the vaginal area, nicks can lead to infection. Use non-fragrant natural shaving creams/lotions. Of course, the better option is trimming it down with a scissor.
    • Avoid petroleum jelly based products.
    • No vapour rub.

You need to understand the importance of genital hygiene and take care of it the right way.

Consult a top Gynaecologist

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