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Why you should shuffle your diets like Katrina

It’s no secret that Katrina Kaif has one of the most enviable bodies in tinsel town. She makes you want to hit the gym with a vengeance every time you see her. But nothing in life comes easy, and celebrities like Katrina will swear by the fact that to look like a million bucks, they need to work like crazy.

 Katrina's Secret Diet

The big secret

Katrina Kaif is known to be extremely conscious of her body and she works very hard to maintain it. She’s a hardcore diet follower and has a comprehensive, unforgiving fitness routine. What’s interesting is that even though Katrina has pretty much remained looking as fresh as she did ten years ago, her diets keep changing. According to an interview she recently gave to a leading daily, Katrina mentioned that she changes her diet plans every now and then to achieve different goals for her body. So if a script requires her to have a particular body type, she adapts her diet accordingly to include foods that will help her reach her goal faster. Now that is a nugget for you, worth its weight in cookies.


How it works

In order to lose weight, you need to cut down your calories. You’ve to eat fewer calories and be active so that your body then starts burning up the fat it has stored over the years. This fat, that part around your hips that jiggles? That is nothing but a cache of energy that the body uses as a storage facility for a rainy day. To get rid of that storehouse, you need to eat less and burn more. Many dieters stick to stringent diets over long periods of time to achieve their goals. But by sticking to just one type of diet you may be doing more harm than good. So, change!


Shock and awe

Move things around in your diet plan regularly so that you beat monotony and keep things interesting for yourself. Going a week with just one kind of diet plan will eventually lead to a weekend of binge eating because your mind and body would be bored by then. Similarly, your workout should also follow the same mantra. Alternate with different types of exercises, different difficulty levels, and different techniques to keep your body guessing and excited. The best way to lose weight is shock and awe. Shock your body by doing unexpected things, eating right with variations, and developing newer recipes that will add that extra zing to your meal.

Achieving Katrina’s level of fitness is not an uphill task. All it takes is determination and the spirit to be able to cope with change. Give your body a treat by pushing it in directions you never thought you could go. Your diet should never have the same meal twice. Keep the calories but play around with ingredients to get that awesome look you’ve always wanted.

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