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IT Related Condition

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  • Profile gravatar of Ashif
    Author:  Ashif

    I am an IT professional working long hours in front of the computer. I am suffering from dry eyes. Since I cannot avoid working in front of the computers, what can I do to prevent, treat/get-rid of dry eyes?

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  • Profile gravatar of Divya
    Author:  Divya

    Oh god I know the feeling!!!! My eyes would feel so sore after I used my computer that sometimes it would be impossible to work after that! Unfortunately to get better I had to use the computer even more…reading about it online! Apparently there’s this thing called  Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) that causes all sorts of eyes problems.

  • Profile gravatar of Adarsh
    Author:  Adarsh

    It strained my eyes to figure out why they were so strained but ultimately I figured it out. If you’re an IT professional working for long hours infront of the computer screen then CVS is an occupational hazard. Take care of your eyes while working, check the glare settings on your computer, take regular breaks, rest your eyes, and if it gets extreme I just pop over to the eye specialist for some eye drops.

  • Profile gravatar of Mausmi
    Author:  Mausmi

    CVS is a reality for people who spend long hours on the computer. I had it as a kid because my life revolved around computer games. I wear glasses now and I still have dry eyes most of the times. My doctor told me to do some blinking exercises to keep my eyes moist and that’s really helping with the dry eyes situation.


  • Profile gravatar of BarbaraKnapp
    Author:  BarbaraKnapp

    Why don’t you get reading glasses for yourself that are anti-reflecting.


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