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IT Related Condition

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    Author:  mildred

    HI all ,

    I work in an IT field, and so spend long hours in front of the computers. I know this affects our health adversely, but at the same time, work is work. I was thinking about this, and what we could do, or keep in mind, so that we reduce the likeliness of developing any health issues. I was just doing a research online to know <a href=”http://www.kellylaser.com/en/your-office-job-could-be-hurting-your-eyes/”>;how job office could be hurting our eyes</a> . Actually there are a lot of factors that we might not think as important, but actually is very important, like the lighting, glare, display etc. Well, I wanted to know if anyone has had any major health issues due to sitting for long hours in front of the computer, and what steps we could take to reduce them ? Our health is in our hands, and a result of our activities.

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    Author:  Doctor Team Modasta

    Thanks for posting the query on Modasta.

    You can use anti-screen glare glasses for your computer. Every 30 mins take a break of 30 seconds and look at a object more than 20 feet’s apart to reduce eye strains. Your computer screen should be 25 cm away form your eyes while your are working.

    with regards,

    Doctors Team Modasta.

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