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IT Related Condition

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  • Profile gravatar of Umang
    Author:  Umang

    I have an acute public speaking fear. I literally start palpitating just before a presentation or a meetin where I have to speak. I am beginning to feel that I am not cut out for this job. What can I do? Is health and this related, can I take tablets or somehtin? Pls help!!

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  • Profile gravatar of Prabhu
    Author:  Prabhu

    Instead of constantly asking yourself what if I fail, what if I forget, ask yourself what if I receive a thunderous applause after the presentation. Give this a try, it will calm your nerves and help you to think clearly as you prepare yourself for the actual day. Cheers!

    • Profile gravatar of Bha142
      Author:  Bha142

      same as my suggestion

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  • Profile gravatar of Ameesh
    Author:  Ameesh

    You’re an adult now, you should start being braver.

  • Profile gravatar of Priyank
    Author:  Priyank

    Practice in front of mirror. Dis haz helped me always 🙂

  • Profile gravatar of Rakesh
    Author:  Rakesh

    If you know the presentation and slides, then you’re good to go. You wll be more confident and this will reduce the pressure.

  • Profile gravatar of brianmalony
    Author:  brianmalony

    If you are not used to it, then this is a norm feeling like many other people that have this type of fear speaking in public. You sometimes, mumbling, stumbling and this rapid heart pump. However, there are still people do it the right way with no problems on their own because they have confidence, once you have confidence you can overcome any fear you have. There are many improvisation workshop and or public speaking seminars that you can join with, and maybe those are perfect idea and you advantage to become a perfect presenter. For that kind of personal training, you can check Smartleese creative at http://smartleesecreative.com/, they offers various improvisaton programs.


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