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IT Related Condition

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  • Profile gravatar of Prashant
    Author:  Prashant

    My eye pains too much while I work on computer. – What should I do?

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  • Profile gravatar of dhruvS
    Author:  dhruvS

    You can try this exercise: every 20 minutes, blink 10 times by closing your eyes slowly. This will help rewet your eyes.

  • Profile gravatar of Amrish
    Author:  Amrish

    Blink more often and keep washing your eyes with cold water.

  • Profile gravatar of Faraz
    Author:  Faraz

    Have you heard of 20-20-20 rule for eye relaxation? In this you have to take break from your computer every 20 mins and look away for 20 secs at any object which is 20 ft away.

  • Profile gravatar of Venkatesh Thakur
    Author:  Venkatesh Thakur

    Full your mouth with cold water than open your eyes and spry water in your eyes with cold water quickly. After 2 minutes change your mouth water, and again repeat 3_6 time. Its gives you relax eyes

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  • Profile gravatar of Anju
    Author:  Anju

    I used to have really bad headaches after I spent time on the computer and my eye specialist said I was suffering from CVS – Computer Vision Syndrome. It made my eyes weak, red and twitching most of the time. So go get yourself checked.

  • Profile gravatar of venkat
    Author:  venkat

    I have been taking a few precautions. Try changing the display settings on your computer monitor, reduce the glare, adjust the color, and increase the font size. This worked for me.

  • Profile gravatar of Aman
    Author:  Aman

    Dude what kind of display are you using? The old ones are poison on the eyes, switch to an LCD its much easier on the eyes. My trick is ‘conscious blinking’ I blink as much as I can while I’m working so my eyes don’t dry up and get irritable.

  • Profile gravatar of BarbaraKnapp
    Author:  BarbaraKnapp

    While working on the computer, it is obvious that you’ll be experiencing sort of strain on your eyes. The best way to deal with this is an anti-reflecting reading glasses. There are many wholesale reading glasses suppliers like citysunglass (http://www.citysunglass.com), Oakley and more that offer you great quality glasses. You can view online or look for real stores near your locality to get one.


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