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Pregnancy & Childcare

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  • Profile gravatar of Piyali
    Author:  Piyali

    I recently had sex during my periods. He ejaculated inside me. I got my next period but I am wary now as I have read of incidents where women have conceived during their period. Is this true?

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  • Profile gravatar of Rusha
    Author:  Rusha

    While it is rare, it is very much possible to get pregnant during your period. If you have had sex during your period and don’t get your next period after four weeks get your pregnancy test done ASAP.

  • Profile gravatar of Prakriti
    Author:  Prakriti

    Well it’s actually not possible to get pregnant during your periods. This is because the egg is released only fourteen days after the first day of the period. That is how the normal human menstruation cycle works. So even if you have unprotected sex during your period the sperm won’t survive for 14 days in the womb.

  • Profile gravatar of Chanda
    Author:  Chanda

    It is possible to get pregnant during the period especially with women who have very irregular cycles. There are women who release eggs anytime during the 28 day cycle so the chances of them getting pregnant are very high. Hence such women have to be extra careful.

  • Profile gravatar of Shelaja
    Author:  Shelaja

    Generally it is very difficult to get pregnant one day before or during your period but sometimes women confuse other kinds of bleeding as periods. This can increase your chances of getting pregnant. So you do need to exercise caution and practice safe sex especially if you are not sure if the bleeding is menstrual bleeding.

  • Profile gravatar of Jessica Evans
    Author:  Jessica Evans

    Getting pregnant during periods have an high probability in those women who have irregular menstruate.

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