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Pregnancy & Childcare

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  • Profile gravatar of suyanshi
    Author:  suyanshi

    My 4 month old baby has just transitioned to a crib in her own room and we have recently installed a baby monitor. Are there any risks associated with a baby monitor that would make it unsafe for her?

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  • Profile gravatar of Reetika
    Author:  Reetika

    Actually more than the baby, the baby monitor brings more trouble. Mothers constantly worry about their child this way. So it is not unsafe but not recommended.

  • Profile gravatar of Meenasha
    Author:  Meenasha

    The baby monitor is only if and only if you cannot be there. If the batteries run out or there is someother glitch, you don’t know what your child is upto then.

  • Profile gravatar of Tanuja
    Author:  Tanuja

    Think of co-sleeping as this is the best and safest option for you and your child.

  • Profile gravatar of Purthi
    Author:  Purthi

    Sometimes I’ve heard that the electromagnetic waves from the mointor can harm the baby’s development, so I would sugesst don;t use it always. Maybe only at night.

  • Profile gravatar of Bhavana
    Author:  Bhavana

    Physically monitor your baby from time to time and at nights sleep beside the crib. A monther’s senses are strong enough to wake up incase of an emergency

  • Profile gravatar of heliosmusic
    Author:  heliosmusic

    it is not unsafe but not recommended.


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