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Pregnancy & Childcare

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    Author:  Geetu

    Hello my toddler is being very naughty and I am getting depressed. She won’t listen to me and screams, shouts, and cries a lot….she also touches everything and throws things. All I do is clean all day all the time!! What do I do? Pls help me!!

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  • Profile gravatar of Tanna
    Author:  Tanna

    Young kids are naughty at this age….with my kid I use firm voice. I keep saying ‘no’ without backing off and I don’t scream or yell. If he still does not listen I ignore the bad behaviour and it usually stops after some time. Its difficult to do this at first but don’t worry, u will get used to it!!! All the best

  • Profile gravatar of Shalu
    Author:  Shalu

    Firstly, try 2 know why your child is crying. Sometimes this is attention seeking behaviour or maybe they feel hungry. Spend lots of time with them so they don’t feel neglected and cry. Its all about having patience.

  • Profile gravatar of heliosmusic
    Author:  heliosmusic

    mine too ugh


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