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Pregnancy & Childcare

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    Author:  Tripti

    I have reached my 7th month in pregnancy and my body has developed massive itching all over. All I do is itch and scratch. I can’t even sleep at night. There is massive pigmentation on the affected area. Will I develop stretch marks? I am worried.

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  • Profile gravatar of Krishna
    Author:  Krishna

    Yes very dry skin can cause itching leading to stretch marks. I too had it. Try having a bath with coconut oil massage and apply a creamy moisturizer later on. This will reduce the itching. You can also apply a calamine lotion which is very cooling and gives relief.

  • Profile gravatar of Madhurima
    Author:  Madhurima

    Are you living in a very humid area? Sometimes the excess sweat and bacterial growth can cause itching and irritation on the skin. Try sitting in an AC environment. Wear loose cotton clothes.  🙂

  • Profile gravatar of Neeti
    Author:  Neeti

    Home remedy try applying lavender oil or body butter which keep the skin smooth.


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