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    Author:  LavikaS

    These days every evening after, it gets dark I start feeling low and there is no certain reason for feeling that. I feel lonely even though I stay with my family. Are these the symptoms of depression? If yes, then what should I do?

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    Author:  Doctor Team Modasta


    Thanks for posting your query.

    Sometimes we find no reasons for few feelings that creep in and that makes it difficult to understand them and get over it. But remember, every feeling has a reason to emerge!

    Try to investigate more about your feeling, follow these below steps:

    • Identify your feeling: What exactly am I feeling? Am I feeling sad/angry/hopeless/frustrated/irritated/disappointed/etc? Verbalising your feeling is a great step towards finding a solution as every different feeling has specific ways to deal with.
    • Once you identify the feeling, find out what could be the possible reason behind it: What is it that makes me low end of the day, is it darkness, or thinking about entire day being futile/ any change in lifestyle or family/ boredom/ monotonous lifestyle, ?
    • Remember your goal is to stay calm and happy, not dwelling in negativities: Once you find out the reason behind your feeling, work on it. Think about what could make you feel better, come up with various action plans that you could do.

    Choose to be healthy and happy, make it your goal, don’t give into negative feelings that drain your happiness and energy.

    Well, coming back to the question that you have put across about depression, with the little information given, it’s too difficult to say if it’s depression. Depression is a condition: cluster of various related symptoms constantly present for at least two weeks. For eg, significant weight loss or gain, excessive sleep or lack of sleep, loss of energy throughout day, recurrent thoughts of suicide, etc., Go through the following links for more understanding about depression and reach out to our expert panel if you would like to share more.




    Doctor’s Team Modasta

    Disclaimer: The medical information in this answer is provided as an information resource only. Please consult your health care provider before making any healthcare decisions or for guidance about a specific medical condition.


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    Author:  1498565474

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    All the Best!!


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