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    Author:  Vikas22

    Work is stressful. Most of the time I’m working late and eating whatever I can get my hands on. My sleep cycle is screwed I’ve been feeling extra anxious, do I have a disorder? What do I do about my healthy lifestyle?

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  • Profile gravatar of DeepakSingh
    Author:  DeepakSingh

    I totally get where you are coming from because I was you two years ago. Work pressures, sleepless nights, constant stress, smoking, and a crazy lifestyle landed me in hospital with a stroke before I even know what a stroke meant. Since then I have curbed my need for speed and consciously removed a lot of stresses from my life.

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  • Profile gravatar of Anuj99
    Author:  Anuj99

    I too was very stressed in life. I eat better now, exercise, tune out from work once I get home and make it a point to meditate regularly. This has taken away a lot of my anxiety and I feel much at peace with myself now than I did then.

  • Profile gravatar of Amaan
    Author:  Amaan

    From what you say about your condition it does not sound like a disorder but rather a side effect of stress. Anxiety can be very difficult to handle if you don’t rein it in before it takes over your life. The best thing for you right now would be to take things a little slow at work and listen to your body


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