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    Author:  pathiwada rohan

    when i stop the task of what i am doing, my mind is going into past and future actions and i don’t have any control over my body, and i do laugh in this situation

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    Author:  Ramya S


    Thanks for posting your query

    FYI: Hallucination is a process of getting detached from reality and perceiving something that is not present. It could be hearing voices, seeing things, perceiving strange smell, sensing odd taste while eating/drinking, or feeling certain sensations on body like being tickled or insects crawling etc, without the presence of stimulus.

    Coming back to the query, I see that you are wondering if its hallucination as you have mentioned in the headline. Our mind keeps wandering all the time in Past-Presense-Future at different intervals, but to say if its hallucination or other condition we would require more information from your end w.r.t
    -how much is your daily routine getting affected with the mind dwelling in past and future?
    -what are the things that you think about of past and future?
    -what do you mean when you say there is no control over body? are there any physical changes like palpitations, numbness in body etc?
    -when you say you laught at it, is it in mind or aloud irrespective of where you are?
    With these information provided we could help you more with your current situation.

    However, with the little information provided by you, what we can suggest is, set aside some time for yourself. Analyse if there is anything that is bothering you from past and if there is any worry about future, try to resolve those issues. Practice mindfulness to relax your mind. Reach out to our experts if you need more support. If the condition is worsening consider consulting a Psychiatrist.


    Doctor Team Modasta

    Disclaimer: The medical information in this answer is provided as a source of information only. Please consult your health care provider before making any healthcare related decisions or for guidance about your specific medical condition.

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  • Profile gravatar of 1497528737
    Author:  1497528737

    Hey there. I have a problem regarding hallucination too. A few months ago I quit smoking and switched to vaping. Now every time I vape too much I start hallucinating, do you know what can be the cause of it? I’ve asked a few friends of mine and they didn’t experience this kind of situations. For me, it’s happening every single day, at least once…Sometimes it’s cool, but there are moments that it’s getting out of control and I cannot stop myself from laughing, for example at work…Some may think that I’m high while it’s not true…I don’t know if it may make any difference, but the vapes I’m using I always got from migvapor brand, it’s here: https://www.migvapor.com/vaporizers  Has any of you experienced this ever before while vaping?


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