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  • Profile gravatar of Mrinal
    Author:  Mrinal

    I have a very unusual situation… I tend to sleep at work! Its not like I find it boring or less challenging, I just really enjoy it. It has turned into a full blown addiction. Please help! How can I avoid sleeping in office?

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  • Profile gravatar of Namita
    Author:  Namita

    Oh man! How lucky are you! I wish I could sleep at work and get away with it! My mantra for office is to keep moving, especially after lunch because thats the time the sleep really hits you.

  • Profile gravatar of Vivek
    Author:  Vivek

    Coffee helps. But don’t drink too much. Then you can’t sleep at night.

  • Profile gravatar of Deep
    Author:  Deep

    Are you sleeping well at night? I went through a phase when I was up all night and snoozing all day. It was the time I decided to do a binge watch of Game of Thrones one weekend and it ended up being a habit. If the night time sleep gets disturbed then you’re in trouble during the day.

  • Profile gravatar of Tanco Autoclave
    Author:  Tanco Autoclave

    Take enough sleep in the night, or take a leave of one day and sleep whole day. :p


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