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    Author:  Pulkit

    My life is a roller coaster right now. Kids, home, work, and a thousand chores in between.. Lately i have been feeling uncomfortable while sleeping because i keep having this recurring dream about dying. My grandmother also died recently. Am I paranoid?

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    Author:  Doctor Team Modasta


    Thanks for posting your query.

    I completely understand how it feels when you are bombarded with too many things. Your recurrent dream of dying could be a result of stress that you are going through and recent incidence of your grandmother. Trust me, that’s common when you are stressed, not paranoia.

    Pulkit, life is all about fighting battles, there are many challenges come on way, take a deep breath and think about it practically. Is this all you want to do? No, right? No matter how much ever busy life gets, sense of satisfaction you feel about life is very important.

    Take few minutes for yourself,

    ->Evaluate what have you been feeling about each responsibility(kids, work, home etc) and in which area are you sensing stress and its intensity. You can even jot it down on a sheet of paper/diary, which makes your analysis more accountable. Do not loose sense of self while undertaking many roles, always be conscious of how  are you feeling. You as Self comes first and then comes other roles, Mother, Wife, Daughter, Daughter-in-law, an Employee and many. Definitely, all these roles are important but your Self is not one of these, its all of these. So, finding a balance in these roles is important.

    ->Analyse how do you overcome stress in that particular role. (sometimes we set high expectations of ourselves, its important to be practical about how much can you do in that particular role while managing many other roles)

    ->Organize your day-to-day activities giving sufficient break for yourself in between, don’t burden yourself. Keep some time for yourself to do those things that you like, it could be music, movie or anything that gives peace of mind(even if its for at least 10 mins, do that)

    -> To have undisturbed sleep, while going to bed, do not carry the burden of entire day works, instead go to bed with sense of satisfaction that you gave your best. Listen to a calm music or read any book or practice deep breathing techniques, mindfully, before you sleep. (remember, your focus is to relax and not to think over all the problems, so be mindful about any relaxation activity that you take up before bed)

    Hope that helps!

    Doctor’s Team Modasta


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